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Freaky – The Blissfield Butcher Mask and La Dola

blissfield butcher cosplay

I love the movie Freaky, great kills, lots of laughs and an awesome ending. In this video I’ll show you how I printed and finished this super textured and detailed Blissfield Butcher mask the body switching blade, the La Dola. I’ll use a lot of different painting techniques like dry brushing and using natural sponges to create leather effects on EVA foam. This was a really fun one.

Batman Shakespeare Bust 3D Print

Batman Shakespeare Bust 3D Print

This file is based on the Shakespeare bust that Bruce Wayne used to unlock the bookcase in Wayne Manor in the classic 1966 TV series. When printed this is a life-size Shakespeare Bust.

If printed full size the Batman Shakespeare Bust measures 15-inches tall x 11-inches wide x 9-inches deep.It does not come with any of the electronics.