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Freaky – The Blissfield Butcher Mask and La Dola

blissfield butcher cosplay

I love the movie Freaky, great kills, lots of laughs and an awesome ending. In this video I’ll show you how I printed and finished this super textured and detailed Blissfield Butcher mask the body switching blade, the La Dola. I’ll use a lot of different painting techniques like dry brushing and using natural sponges to create leather effects on EVA foam. This was a really fun one.

Star Trek Discovery Badges: 3D Resin Prints

Star Trek Discovery Badges

Star Trek badges from Discovery look so cool! I used my Elegoo Mars to get super detail on the badges. I then finished them with minimal sanding and just a simple application of gold rub-n-buff. Then I framed them in a simple window frame.