weathering 3d prints

In this final video I’ll be weathering this awesome Villainous Prop Shop helmet. Taking it from shiny and new to damaged and battle hardened! Weathering helmets and prints is my favorite step in the creative process. With very inexpensive items you can weather any print and make it look used and battle tested.

Finishing 3D Prints: How to Paint 3D Printed Parts


In this video I’ll cover how to paint, clear coat and detail 3D printed parts. Painting is not difficult but there are some rules you should follow to get the best finish. The main rule is patience, don’t rush coats or dry times.

Finishing 3D Prints: How to Sand, Fill and Prime 3D Printed Parts


In this video I’ll cover How to Sand, Fill and Prime 3D Printed Parts. A lot of people ask me how do I get helmets and other props so smooth. Well its not easy you have to do a lot of sanding, filling and priming. There are some key steps in-between that I’ll also cover in this video.

How to Paint 3D Resin Prints – Raven from Teen Titans

raven 3d resin printed statue

The best part of 3D resin printing is actually getting to paint the 3D resin prints. I love 3D resin printing but pieces really com alive when you paint them. In this video I’ll show you have I painted this incredibly well design of Raven from thee Teen Titans.