Halloween Kills Michael Myers Mask Makeover

Halloween Kills Michael Myers Mask Makeover

In this video I’ll be doing a makeover repaint of the Trick or Treat Studios Halloween Kills Michael Myers mask. I’ll take you through all the steps in the process from fixing the hair to using Night Shades latex paints that are especially made for painting latex masks. This was the first time I painted a mask and I think I’ll be doing it a lot more. I really enjoyed doing it.

Peopoly Phenom Prime Review and Prints

Peopoly Phenom Prime Review

In this video I’m going to do a setup and review of the Peopoly Phenom Prime 3D printer. I have done a lot of printing, running 9 bottles of Siraya resin through it, with this printer and love the detail. The printer has a build volume of 276 × 155 x 400 mm. Phenom Prime also boasts an all-new 5448 × 3064 resolution (5.5K HD) panel with a best-in-class 51 um pixel pitch. The monochrome panel has a significantly higher light transmission rate that leads to an over 70% reduction in exposure time.

3D Printing The Grabber Mask From The Black Phone


In this video I’ll be showing you how to paint, weather and assemble this awesome Grabber Mask from The Black Phone staring Ethan Hawke. This Grabber helmet has a lot of texture and details that make it great for a cosplay or for a display. As usual when making a helmet or a mask come to life its about the paint and especially the weathering. Adding depth and distress really makes this Grabber Mask look super creepy.