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Creating a Life-Size Megan Doll: 3D Printing and Finding Her Clothes

megan doll

Hey everyone! As a huge horror enthusiast with a love for creating spine-chilling props, I’ve taken my obsession to the next level. In this video, I’m 3D printing a life-size Megan doll, complete with all her iconic details! Dive in as we piece together every part, from her limbs to her unforgettable dance outfit and hair. Whether you’re a horror fan or just curious about the process, this is one crafting journey you won’t want to miss. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more eerie creations! 🔪🩰🖤

Fremen Crysknife from Dune

Dune crysknife

In this video I’ll show you have a 3D printed, assembled and painted this incredibly detailed Fremen Crysknife from the latest Dune movie. 3D Printing props using 3D resin printers gives you incredible detail and this Crysknife has tons of detail that really come through. I then used a bunch of different techniques to really make this 3D resin print look like its been carried through the desert of Arrakis.

Dredd Cosplay – Weapons

dredd cosplay

I love the 2012 Dredd movie starring Karl Urban and Olivia Jo Thirlby. It’s not only an amazing comic book come to life, but it’s also just a fantastic movie. From the story to the props it’s just awesome.

Freaky – The Blissfield Butcher Mask and La Dola

blissfield butcher cosplay

I love the movie Freaky, great kills, lots of laughs and an awesome ending. In this video I’ll show you how I printed and finished this super textured and detailed Blissfield Butcher mask the body switching blade, the La Dola. I’ll use a lot of different painting techniques like dry brushing and using natural sponges to create leather effects on EVA foam. This was a really fun one.

Halloween Kills Michael Myers Mask Makeover

Halloween Kills Michael Myers Mask Makeover

In this video I’ll be doing a makeover repaint of the Trick or Treat Studios Halloween Kills Michael Myers mask. I’ll take you through all the steps in the process from fixing the hair to using Night Shades latex paints that are especially made for painting latex masks. This was the first time I painted a mask and I think I’ll be doing it a lot more. I really enjoyed doing it.