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Halloween Kills Michael Myers Mask Makeover

Halloween Kills Michael Myers Mask Makeover

In this video I’ll be doing a makeover repaint of the Trick or Treat Studios Halloween Kills Michael Myers mask. I’ll take you through all the steps in the process from fixing the hair to using Night Shades latex paints that are especially made for painting latex masks. This was the first time I painted a mask and I think I’ll be doing it a lot more. I really enjoyed doing it.

Adding Fans and Padding to a 3D Printed Helmet – Viking Mandalorian – Part 3

Mandalorian Helmet

In this video I’ll be adding cooling fans for a 3D printed helmet to help keep you comfortable at any comic con and padding to keep the helmet one and secure. One issue with wearing a 3D printed helmet for extended periods of time is that it get hot under there, and these fans really help keep you cool.