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Dredd Cosplay – Weapons

dredd cosplay

I love the 2012 Dredd movie starring Karl Urban and Olivia Jo Thirlby. It’s not only an amazing comic book come to life, but it’s also just a fantastic movie. From the story to the props it’s just awesome.

Freaky – The Blissfield Butcher Mask and La Dola

blissfield butcher cosplay

I love the movie Freaky, great kills, lots of laughs and an awesome ending. In this video I’ll show you how I printed and finished this super textured and detailed Blissfield Butcher mask the body switching blade, the La Dola. I’ll use a lot of different painting techniques like dry brushing and using natural sponges to create leather effects on EVA foam. This was a really fun one.

Using Alclad Chrome to Paint The Equalizer | Supernatural

Alclad Chrome

Using Alclad Chrome to Paint The Equalizer was a lot of fun and a bit of a challenge. The best part of 3D resin printing is actually getting to paint the 3D resin prints. I love 3D resin printing but pieces really com alive when you paint them. In this video I’ll show you how to use Alclad Chrome paint to make the Equalizer prop from Supernatural shine.

Molding Blade Runner Pistol Grips

molding pistol grips

I always wanted to build Decker’s pistol from Blade Runner, but was worried how I would mold pistol grips that looked right. They needed to be the right color, and of course translucent. Molding the pistol grips was going to be the hardest part, I thought, but I was wrong. I was pretty easy once I had the supplies I needed. I bought some Smooth-on mold making supplies and I was off. This is one of my favorite projects for sure!