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3D modeling software is important because it helps you create 3D models. You then are able to make it possible to create 3D prints. There are several pay and free software packages available with Fusion 360 and Blender being two of the most popular. Even some of the pay versions of 3D modeling software can be used for free if you are a student or faculty member. My favorite software, Fusion 360, is fairly expensive but if you are a student or faculty member it is free. Some pieces are better for digital sculpting while others are better for hard surface modeling like swords, guns and other mechanical models. Most of these software packages allow you to export your 3D models straight to STL files that can then be sent to 3D slicers and then to your 3D printer.

The Dude – 3D Resin Printed Statue

The Dude - 3D Resin Printed Statue

I LOVE The Big Lebowski! I designed this model and had it commissioned (its available on my site) and the modeler just killed it. This Dude statue mixes Buddhism and Dudism together to really capture the real nature of the character. The model comes with the figure, base, cup and joint. This is a really fun model.