Painting 3d Resin Prints – I AM GROOT!

Painting this 3d resin printed Groot statue was really fun. It was simple, but packed a lot of detail. Finishing 3d resin prints is always so much fun. And printing this as a 3D resin print shows all the amazing detail from the modeler. Elegoo mars 3D resin printer! The detail of 3D resin prints are just amazing, so simple to clean up and paint. Because they are so smooth and detailed it makes finishing 3D prints super easy. 3D resin prints are so smooth they need little finish work making for a great model.


Elegoo Saturn – I love this printer!
ELEGOO Mars UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer
Fast (1kg) ABS-Like Fast Curing Non-Brittle 3D Printing Resin (Grey)
Tamiya Gray Fine Surface Primer L, 180ml Spray Can
AIEX 9 Pieces Fine Detail Paint Brush Miniature Painting Brushes Kit Mini Paints
The Army Painter Warpaints Quickshade Wash Set
Vallejo Metallic Game Color Set (8 Colors)
Vallejo Face/Skin Colors Paint Set, 8-Colors, 17ml
War World Scenics Summer Alpine 6mm Self Adhesive Static Grass Tufts x 100 
SCP Foliage Bushes, 150 Square Inch, Medium Green
Motorized Photography Display

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