Halloween Kills, Jason Covid Mask, Meeting Tom Savini and More – LIVE

So my first livestream went off with a little bit of a rocky start, I’ll be sure to have it running a lot smother next week! But in this live stream we talk about my love of horror movies, the first time meeting Tom Savini and some cool horror cosplay builds on the horizon. 

I’ll also be showing off my amazing Jason Covid Mask signed by the legend Tom Savini designed and created by Jason Baker owner of Callosum Studios. He’s making super cool horror covid mask that are helping people stay safe and employing a lot of creators in these hard times.

Links to some of the things I talk about in this video

Jason Mask

Halloween Kills Mask

Halloween Kills Knife

Halloween Overalls

Cosplay Chris

Photos from Fantacon 1988

Tom Savini
Tom Savini
Tom Savini
Tom Savini

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